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Address:中国山东省聊城市 Liaocheng, Shandong, China
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 TEL: +86-0635-6157577

Address: No. 6 Anju Road, Jiaming Economic Development Zone, Liaocheng, Shandong, China.

Interpretation of enterprise culture
  • brings together all kinds of talents, build, every individual is a member of the team. We have come together because of the ambition of the same, with us in order to let everyone on the team to create value, and achieve their goals in life. Active, responsible, good faith is our essential qualities, in order to create the maximum benefits for society is our mission.
  • Spirit of — competition is not the end, we had to participate in a competition must carry on. Here, the competition rules are swifter, higher, stronger. We cannot pray others down, letting us out, we have to do better than others to surpass them. In order to follow company directions, share the fruits of progress, each sector, each of us must begin with oneself, and efforts to forge ahead, to fulfill their duties, beyond the self, brave fight first.
  • Equality of —— opportunities, everyone is equal before the system never allowed prided himself on "hero".
  • Talent —— talent is the greatest wealth, meritocracy, properly utilized, can doubt the fittest under.
  • Cooperation —— enterprises has customer satisfaction, enterprise's satisfaction is employee satisfaction, employee satisfaction with products and services.
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